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These are my current LIVE MINTS.

Mini Mutants

On Chain Mondrian

NFT Mint Club Membership

Cubism Canvas

The NFT Mint Club

FREE access to multiple collections & thousands of NFTs

You're EARLY!
The NFT Mint Club grants you exclusive presale access to my future collections at a discounted rate up to 100%. To become a member you need to hold one of our card NFTs. These come in four colours (purple, orange, black and mint green), more about the colours later.

The cards
Our exclusive membership cards on available to people now! There are 5,000 in total.

  • 2,000 @ 0 ETH
  • 3,000 @ X.XX ETH
The cards are minted revealed. The price of the final 3,000 cards will be decided by the current holders.

The collections

We have some wonderful and unique collections planned of various sizes from 256 to 100,000 NFTs. Genres include abstract art, pixel pfps, metaverse utilities, on-chain collections, games and more.

Own and hold
Owning an NFT from the previous collection gives you priority access to the next. For example, own an NFT in collection 4 and you will have discounted presale access to collection 5. However, the NFT Mint Club cardholders will always come first. If we release a large collection then we may expand the discounted presale access to other collection holders. Our mission is to ensure all collections sell out and there is strong demand in the secondary market.

NFT Mint Club Free NFTs
New to NFTs?
New to NFTs?
NFTs are still a new technology and the vast majority of people have never owned one or don't even know where to start. Prior to this project, we gave away 100 NFTs to first-time owners with a high-quality step-by-step tutorial. If you have never owned an NFT then we will provide the help and support to make it happen. We can demystify the whole experience.
Quality collections
Quality collections
Each of our collections are carefully designed to a high standard. We want owners to be proud to share their collections with the world. There is a diverse portfolio from art, collectables, utilities and gaming NFTs. We also work with up-and-coming independent artists to introduce them to the world of NFTs and showcase their talent.
Presale access
Presale access
Owners of our Mint Pass get presale access to all our collections at a discounted rate up to 100% (Green cards holders receive a 100% discount). Owners of the immediate prior collection may get a discount presale opportunity prior to the general sale depending on demand and collection size. Owners loyal to our collections get preferential treatment.
Custom contracts
Custom contracts
If you're new to NFTs the difference between custom and shared contracts may not be obvious. A custom contract allows more flexibility in the future. For example, you could loan out your NFT collection to a Metaverse art gallery or incorporate them into your own online world. We are just at the start of this journey and custom contacts are important.

Card colour

There are four different cards, each with its own rarity. Purple 2500, Orange 1500, Black 700, and Mint Green 300. If we drop a future 10k collection all card holders can mint at least one NFT during presale. However, if we drop a limited collection of 256 then we would offer the presale allocation to Mint Green holders first, followed by Black etc.

0% Royalties

Our collections have royalty payments set to 0% allowing you more margin if you're interested in trading NFTs. This also incentivies new collections to be made. The 0% royalty fee makes the collections more competitive and attractive to collectors.

In the media

The NFT Mint Club has been featured in the following media outlets. Sorry, we couldn't list them all.

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Get an NFT Mint Club card

It would be amazing to have you be a member of our community and become an owner of an NFT Mint Club card and one or more of our collections. You're early so watch out for all the pre and public sales