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Road map

This is the short to the medium-term road map for the NFT Mint Club, descriptions are limited as there are several collections that have something unique and never seen before. It is important they are kept guarded until they are ready to be launched.

NFT Mint Club Cards
The first drop of the project is a collection of 5,000 NFTs. Holders of a card have access to all future drops from 0 ETH (FREE). Green card holders will receive a 100% discount on all drops. If a future collection has fewer assets than total card owners then card colour and rarity will be used to decide ownership. This will therefore make the rarer cards more valuable.

Collection #1:
A Picasso-inspired collection of NFTs with a traditional artistic appeal. Made to a high resolution that will enable owners to print, frame and hang on their walls. There is a unique marketing plan for this collection.

Collection #2:
A twisted collection of 10,000 NFTs is not for the faint-hearted.

Collection #3:
An abstract art collection limited to just 256 NFTs. A total of 150 will be made available to card owners starting with green holders first.

Collection #4:
A profile picture collection with something so new that we are bursting to share but have to remain quiet for now. It's so exciting that we cannot even give any hints, all we can share is that it's a 10,000 NFT collection.

Collection #5:
Mini Mutant Pets, is a collection of 10,000 NFTs that mirror the Mini Mutants NFT collection created by the founder of the NFT Mint Club.

Collection #6:
A collection of 100,000 NFTs with an interesting background story and unique utility. Due to the large volume, owners can mint in big chunks, which will all become apparent when the collection is revealed.

Collection #7:
A collection of 25,000 NFTs that is based on profile pictures (pfps) with an added utility of gamification.

The NFT Mint Club can continue to create new collections directly or in partnership with traditional artists and entrepreneurs new to NFT technology. Collection order and content are subject to change as the NFT space is rapidly evolving.